I am an


If you would like to hire me
for work please email





much obliged.

Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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  3. morehandclaps said: You are one of my favorite artists, dude! But, man, I can relate to that feeling. It is the WORST.
  4. monarobot said: Ah, I share your very same doubts. An awful feeling.
  5. alisketch said: Yay for art slump…it must be slump season cause I’ve had a few months of this too.
  6. beavanblocker said: pleaseeee nat, you know that’s crap, the drawing i’m currently commenting on is better than anything I’ve done all week!
  7. benternet said: Feeling your pain. All too well.
  8. mothersswamp said: ditto
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